SCREW-Mate™ pure epoxy and MPS™ multi purpose screws

SG-Tec® is a German/USA company which developed a new faster concept, called Hybrid ANCHORS. These hybrids are a combination of MPS™ multi purpose screws or any other anchor with pure epoxy. This pure epoxy is an epoxy resin USA designed with a very low viscosity. Such bonded anchors differ from any other pure epoxy based systems. A low viscosity pure epoxy resin allows to use small multi purpose screws without drilling bigger holes. As a result, high performance is achieved using mechanical grip and chemical bonding in small holes.

SOIL-Mate™ as soil anchor for decking footer

SOIL-Mate™ uses a similar low viscosity pure epoxy as an earth anchor or soil anchor. This fastening method will replace traditional concrete based footers for decks. No more excavation works need. A hole is drilled with a drill hammer, Soil-Mate™ pure epoxy injected and a threaded rod put in to the soil. This type of soil anchor is easy to use, gives perfect hold and eliminates excavation works.


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SCREW-Mate™ Pure Epoxy
SCREW-Mate™ Pure Epoxy